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Gracious Living offers a full range of residential interior design, space planning, and project coordination services to help you achieve your design goals and create an inviting, functional home environment. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have questions that aren't answered here.

New Home Construction Consultant

Building a new home involves endless decisions. The task is easier and more enjoyable with an experienced partner to help guide you through choices you may live with for many, many years. Gracious Living works with your architect, builder, kitchen, bath, and lighting designers, and other subcontractors during the planning and execution of your home construction and design project. Here are just a few ways Gracious Living makes your building experience more rewarding and manageable: we help you think long range; advocate for you, the client, with the many parties involved; incorporate existing household items into your plan; help select hard surface materials, cabinetry, lighting, and paint colors; and make sure your decisions complement your decorating taste and the way you live.

Remodel Design & Coordination

Through Gracious Living, you gain access to a full range of materials, furnishings, and design expertise and reliable, expert craftsmen to see your remodeling project through from beginning to end. And, you get a timely plan for putting it all together.

Space Planning & Room Layout

Underlying all good design—whether for home construction, remodeling/renovation, or room design—is effective space planning. Well-planned homes allow for efficient flow of traffic, accommodate favorite activities, and make optimal use of space. To accomplish these goals in your home, we listen carefully to understand your living style, personal tastes, individual needs, and budget. The resulting space plan is a portrait of your proposed space, including floor plans, furniture placement, and the functionality that allows the space to work for today—and for the way you may live in the future.

Interior Design

From looking at rooms in new ways to choosing new materials and furnishings, interior design can reinvigorate the look and usefulness of your home. Taking into consideration existing possessions as well as your dreams for the future, Gracious Living helps you shape an exciting new environment that adds pleasure to your life every day.

Color Coordination

A pleasing flow of color from one room to the next creates a harmonious environment that’s comforting to live in, but sometimes challenging to achieve on your own. Working with your tastes and existing possessions, Gracious Living helps you navigate among the many options to select colors that look pleasing in a variety of types of light and remain satisfying for many years to come.

Sourcing & Custom Services

Working with Gracious Living affords you access to the Seattle Design Center and other design resources in the region. We save you time by taking you right to the fabrics, furnishings, and fixtures that suit your taste and pocketbook—many not available to the general public. You learn to identify the style, construction, and colors that best reflect your taste and lifestyle and make choices that create a harmonious whole.

Fabric Selection & Sourcing

We also offer you access to custom services to shape your fabrics into custom upholstery, drapery, and bedding ensembles.

Furniture Selection & Sourcing

Whether it’s to furnish a whole home or simply pull together an existing room with a few new pieces, Gracious Living guides you through hundreds of specialty furniture companies and major brand names, as well as to craftsmen and specialty shops that create custom, one-of-a-kind items for unique situations. We specialize in products and craftspeople that offer time-tested quality, yet work within your budget.

Artwork & Accessory Selection

Even the best-furnished room can be brought new life with the proper selection of accessories—lamps, rugs, artwork, florals, ceramics, and more. Like the decorative swirl on your dessert plate, accessories complete your project with a finished look. We’ll help showcase your existing items in new ways as well as help you discover and select new pieces to accent your décor. Some products may be tried on approval before purchase.

Design Consultation

Prior to embarking on a design project, it’s helpful to assess what’s involved. Gracious Living offers design consultations (two-hour minimum) to discuss, among other things, the scope and phasing of your project and to answer any questions you might have, thereby providing you with an informed foundation from which to begin your project.

Working with Gracious Living Step by Step

For a step-by-step outline of the design process, click here.

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