Portfolio » Remodeled Home Showcases Extensive Modern Art Collection

Design Goal

New owners of a 1980s home in the Pacific Northwest set out to modernize the traditional interior as a minimalist setting to showcase their striking collection of modern art—as well as the grand natural vistas beyond the home’s windows.


A professional eye was needed to help complete the re-imagining of a once-mirror-filled, formal style home. The owners’ initial choice of a paint color had proved too-pink; a more flattering background tone was needed to set off the extensive collection of art, sculpture, and hand-crafted furniture, which also needed a more cohesive feel.

Designer’s Role

Gracious Living designer Molly McIntosh began by pulling together the existing elements with a wall color that flattered the warm tones of the handcrafted wood furniture and an existing marble floor in the foyer. She then filled in with furnishings and fabrics that were inviting, comfortable, and provided a clean, non-competing background for the art.


The home is now filled with striking artistic discoveries residing together comfortably in a warm, sun-filled environment. Tactile yet low-key fabrics suit the family’s informal lifestyle and stand up to the activities of the couple’s active seven-year-old daughter.

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